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Insurance Coverage - the "What If" page?

The insurance coverage a tree service carries is almost as important as the technical knowledge and expertise of the company. Because of the unpredictable nature of dead wood, and the weight and size of tree material, accidents sometimes happen. AMERICAN TREE always does its due diligence to minimize such damage, but if the worst would happen we promise to make necessary repairs in a very timely fashion and to the client’s approval. Then like always our motto rings true "Service is our Signature".

Make sure that the company you hire carries adequate up to date insurance. Being licenced is not an assurance of quality, it is proof of having paid the county business tax.

You can view our General Liability certificate here or verify it with our agent at Mayes Insurance Group.

Perhaps the most important coverage to look for when hiring a tree service, and the most rarely found, is Workers' Compensation coverage. Many companies will tell you that they are exempt because they are small, but this may not protect you, the client from being liable in case of an accident on your property. Unfortunately, accidents in the tree industry are quite unforgiving and the statistics of occurrence are staggering.

AMERICAN TREE has chosen to protect you the client and us by carrying Workman’s Compensation coverage for all of our employees. You can see our Worker’s Compensation certificate here or verify with our carrier at this link, Encore HR.  

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